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Agronomist ecstatic about the soybean yields coming out of NW Iowa

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: world-of-agriculture-10-5-16

Growers have harvested twenty-one percent of Iowa’s soybean crop. An agronomist says soybean yields in northwest Iowa look pretty good. Whitney Monin is a technical agronomist with Channel Seed.

She says farmers are on a roll with harvesting corn but soybean harvest is a little more like shooting a shotgun.

“I have some who are all over the board anything from just starting into their soybeans especially in that later and fuller season soybean which have been hanging onto their leaves a little bit. Some guys have been saying ‘man I just want it to frost so beans will be done’ and other people are saying ‘no we’re still putting weight in those soybean pods.’”

Monin anticipates bean yields to be above USDA projections.

“I think a lot of the USDA estimates are saying 52 bushel averages but to be honest there is going to be a lot of localized soybean yields much greater than that. I’ve heard soybean yields all the way up to 85 bushels per acre field averages going across the scale. But if you are going to put it within an average we’re looking at 60 to 75 bean yield averages for soybeans.”

Monin adds folks are pretty ecstatic about the soybean crop coming out of the northwest part of the state.