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AgriGold expanding seed corn lineup

Photo by Anna Hastert

A seed company, largely dedicated to corn, is enhancing its lineup heading into 2019.

AUDIO: Brandon Nystrom, AgriGold

AgriGold has produced elite seed corn, backed by proven results and trusted advice, for more than 80 years. Brandon Nystrom offers AgriGold customers, in southern Iowa and Missouri, agronomic advice. He shares what hybrids are working well “down south.”

“6572 is one that stands out, as far as plant health goes,” Nystrom said. “Plant health has been a key selling point for us (over) the last couple (of) years. That is one product that impressed me. It stayed alive a lot longer than everything else it seemed, giving it that late season yield punch when everything else was dying off. I think it’s going to be a similar story this year. It’s stood like a tree and the foliage has been beautiful.”

A few older, go-to hybrids are also performing well. Nystrom brags about AgriGold’s A6499 and A6579. However, he focuses on newer hybrids, such as A6572 because he’s excited about what’s coming down the pipeline, in regards to seed corn.

Nystrom shares AgriGold has been analyzing germplasm, in an effort to bring new seed corn varieties to growers. He talks in-depth about new varieties on the near horizon.

“We’ve put a focus on coming out with new products in that mid-season maturity range. I would expect a lot more products in that 106 to 110-day range. We have a couple of new, exciting 108, 109-day products that look absolutely fantastic this year, and that’s a germplasm pool that we’ve been working with for the last couple of years. We finally seem to have sort of a breakthrough there, so I’m really excited about that maturity range in particular because when you have a hole, you try to fix that hole before you move onto something else,” Nystrom said.

Nystrom was conflicted when asked, “Germplasm versus traits: Which provides the most benefits to a farmer?” He took little time to think of an answer, as AgriGold’s dedication to growers says it all.

“I’d say the response we’ve seen from germplasm (over) the last few years has been incredible. The strides we’ve made in our corn germplasm lineup and the progress from the plant health and grain quality standpoint has been solid. I would say when we talk about hybrids from an Agrigold standpoint, one of the things we key in on is genetic diversity. I’m not going to point names, but there’s a lot of companies out there that want to sell you one product or say, “Hey, put it on all your acres.” That’s not how we do business.”