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Agriculture depends on the strength of rural communities

When we discuss farming, sometimes an overlooked piece of the puzzle is the rural community. Smaller cities and towns are a vital piece in any farming operation. They can be the home of the grain elevator, the feed mills, the bank, or the local school. It is important these communities stay vital in the 21st century.

The Iowa Rural Development Council (IRDC) just hosted their annual summit in Grinnell. IRDC Chairwoman Sandy Ehrig says IRDC is about matching members with different resources to the communities which have distinct needs.

There are many challenges facing rural communities. Sometimes they are things we don’t even think about because we almost take them for granted. Ehrig says it is about maintaining these “anchor businesses” and keeping them in town. The summit offered invited communities a chance to share what works and doesn’t work for them.

Ehrig says Iowa farmers realize the importance of a strong community for support. The land cannot move where the vitality is, so the community must remain vital.

You can find more information on the IRDC website.