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Agri-Tourism: new revenue in a down economy

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South Dakota is promoting more tourism.

Not just shooting pheasants, but Agri-Tourism where people from around the world experience a few days of life on a farm or ranch.

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture has laid out the state’s mission and is offering help to small businesses.

Many stops in South Dakota have some connection to agriculture.

Industry outreach and development director for South Dakota tourism, Kirk Holsteen says the interest in Agri-Tourism is growing rapidly.

“There are people from the inner cities that never get to experience that, they want to go and see what it’s like to be on a dairy, or herd up cattle on a ranch, or vaccinate cattle,” Holsteen says. “It’s a whole experimental travel. They don’t want the tourism trap, they want to live like a rancher would live for a few days. They want to go and work the farm like a farmer would work it.”