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AgReliant Genetics plans to unite regional brands

The third largest corn seed company in North America, AgReliant Genetics, is planning a new growth initiative uniting regional brands into a new LG Seeds brand. They will continue best practices of each brand while maintaining its current employees, facilities and existing relationships.

Beginning in summer of 2018, Golden Acres Genetics, Great Lakes Hybrids, Producers Hybrids and Wensman Seed will transition to the new LG Seeds. AgriGold in the United States and PRIDE Seeds in Canada, will continue their respective strategies.

“The adoption of new technologies, the speed of innovation and farmers’ growing demand for instant access to information are shifting how we do business,” said Mark Herrmann, AgReliant Genetics President & CEO.

“For this reason, we are committed to a strategic long-range plan that will extend our continuous growth and position us to better serve farm businesses and seed dealers in this dynamic environment.”

AgReliant Genetics is taking this initiative to support and grow its position while maintaining its local relationships with farmers and seed dealers.