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AGCO features updated sprayer at Farm Progress

AGCO featured their new sprayer at Farm Progress Show in Illinois.

A must see at this year’s farm progress show was AGCO’s RoGator C Series Row Crop Applicator.

Craig Miller with AGCO says there are four key areas they upgraded for 2018.

“We’ve completely revamped our drive system. Features such as traction control, turn compensation like our outside tires turn faster than the inside so we pull more through the field rather than push.”

He says they also changed the cab of the sprayer.

“One of the biggest features is the armrest. We’ve changed the joystick so the operator interface is completely different. We’ve moved some of the functions they use on a day to day basis so the rider is not hunting for buttons.”

Miller says few factors today pushed them to make changes.

“This day and age of application a lot of factors are becoming more complex. We’re having more tank mixes, easy for younger operators, with all the dicamba issues we’ve had we wanted to make the operator’s job a lot easier and safer at the same time.”

Another change on the AGCO’s new sprayer is recirculation of liquid plumbing on the machine.