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Ag tech aids in decision making process

Photo courtesy of WinField United

There are a lot of factors influencing agriculture, on-farm and off-farm.

A field expert encourages growers to utilize agriculture technology to reduce risk and enhance bottomlines.

AUDIO: Justin Risovi, WinField United

Justin Risovi, technology manager for WinField United, believes agriculture technology has the power to reshape the way America’s farmers and ranchers look at producing a crop. Risovi cites conversations, between the farmer and retailer, where farmers noticed the many opportunities provided by way of agriculture technology.

“Retailers are excited because it’s bringing new conversations to light,” Risovi said. “You may have a produced that’s farmed the same piece of ground for 30 years, and now they’re picking something up (and saying), ‘It’s a whole different view than what we’re use to seeing.’”

WinField United’s new R7® Field Monitoring Tool, coupled with the R7 Field Forecasting Tool, can provide “a real-time report about field conditions and crop health status,” as well as “alert you when in-season action might be needed.” Risovi says the insight these tools provide can help farmers manage their return on investment.

“You can see trends throughout the growing season and figure out timing, whether it’s cutting alfalfa or harvest timing,” Risovi said. “I’ve had growers ask, ‘Hey, what’s going on in this field? Is it normal?’ I’ll say, ‘Well, let’s check it out.’ Yeah, we didn’t realize that part of the field, that wasn’t within sight of the road, was affected by something. Now we’re able to take some of those insights and put them to work for us.”

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