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Ag State Senators get angry during floor debate on COVID relief

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Federal government was trying to find a way to offer economic relief for citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak has shut down businesses in many areas, which is causing serious economic hardship for workers and small business owners. An agreement was reached overnight Tuesday into Wednesday on the $2 trillion deal. Before those deals were reached, things got very heated on the Senate floor. Ag State Senators were a tinderbox of emotions.

GOP Senators from the Midwest jumped on their Democratic Colleagues for earlier blocking the rescue package. Iowa Senator Joni Ernst blew up on the floor over the effects the delay was having on Iowans.

Nebraska Senator Deb Fisher said her constituents were in need and putting off a vote for partisan politics was appalling.

Senate Ag Committee Chairman Pat Roberts of Kansas said he was tired of the fight on the floor after both sides of the aisle put a lot of effort into the bill, to begin with.

The announcement did come after midnight on Wednesday morning that the deal had been reached. This ends five days of heated debate and compromise. Details of the compromise will trickle in throughout the coming days.