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Ag reacts to the election

(left) Jon Doggett, NCGA; (middle) Dr. Bob Young, American Farm Bureau; (right) Roger Johnson, National Farmer's Union. They spoke on an Ag panel reacting to the election at the National Association of Farm Broadcaster's Convention Nov. 9th in Kansas City.

by Ben Nuelle

By now you know Trump won the White House.

A Wednesday morning Ag panel reacted to Trump’s win at the National Association of Farm Broadcasters annual meeting in Kansas City.

Roger Johnson is President of National Farmers Union.

“This was the most unconventional campaign that I have seen in my lifetime. I suspect we’ve seen in much of this country’s history. Almost every rule was broken early on and continued to be broken until the last ten days.”

Dr. Bob Young is chief economist at the American Farm Bureau Federation.

“I will says I think there’s a great deal of optimism at this stage of the game in the Ag community. We’ve now got one party control of the White House, Senate, and House. One would think we would be able to talk about being able to get stuff done.”

Jon Doggett is Vice President of National Corn Growers Association.

“We need to take a deep breath. The voters have spoken. We’re still the greatest nation in the world. We still have the greatest democracy history has ever known. But we need to start earning that and reaching out to one another. We’ve devolved into some tribalism that is alarming to me and we need to make sure we get beyond that.”

Other issues discussed included thoughts on what President Elect Trump will do in his first 100 days, TPP, and regulatory issues.