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Ag Bankers Concerned About Farmer’s Financial Health

Listen Here: Profit Matters 11-16-16

by Ken Root

The ag economy is uncomfortably tight right now. Meaning, producers of crops and livestock have thin margins on their bushels and animals sold.

The banking industry is most likely to change a grower’s habits by informing them of their increasing debt or advising on the likelihood of cutting off financing.

Chris Olson with Rabo AgriFinance based in Cedar Falls is an international lender with a strong presence in the Midwest.

Olson gives perspective on the reality of the 2016 harvest by saying, “I think the good thing we are seeing is that we had the bushels again. We had another good crop this year. Obviously, the challenge is going to be what it’s worth. We are optimistic right now, but the price determination is going to surprise some of us at what it’s really worth at the end of the day.”

Olson shares that marketing can always be better, “I think there is profit opportunities on the table right now for the 2017 crop. Farmers should be looking at that and taking advantage of those opportunities.”

Chris Olson Full Interview