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After E15: What is next for Ethanol?

Cellulosic ethanol plant in Nevada, Iowa. Photo by Ben Nuelle.

We have been waiting so long for the year-round E15 announcement. It has been the focal point of our thoughts on ethanol for some time. Now that we have the year-round mandate, what is next for our homegrown fuel?

The next thing on the agenda is the release of the Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO). This will determine how much ethanol is blended each year. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says while the decision is coming very close, there is still no real indication as to what the final numbers might be.

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Executive Director Monte Shaw says the final RVO doesn’t mean anything if small refinery exemptions are handed out indiscriminately. Shaw is calling on the Trump Administration to hold to his promise to protect the Renewable Fuels Standard.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says vigilance and advocacy are key moving forward.

Telling the story of ethanol is going to go a long way in keeping this industry strong and fight off challenges to its stability.