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Africa a growing marketplace for U.S. red meat exports

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There is definitely a shift in the global marketplace. The population in Africa is growing and the economies of many African nations are starting to improve. We are even seeing growth in the middle-class status there. All these are combining to make Africa a bigger player on the international stage. In fact, experts are starting to say Africa is going to be some of the strongest markets in the coming decades. This can bode well for U.S. Ag exports like red meats.

Matt Copeland is the first regional representative for the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) in Africa. He has experience in trading Ag commodities there. He knows his experience will help pave the way for better U.S. meat markets in Africa.

Copeland says there has been much growth in Africa, and the projections for the continent look good through the rest of the century.

Copeland says Africa already has a thriving retail and wholesale market. There are people willing to spend money to get a quality product.

Copeland also says they are going to continue training with restaurants and culinary schools, in Africa, to get chefs familiar working with some of the U.S. meat products we export there.