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AEM reports growth in tractor and combine sales

Photo courtesy of AEM

Recent data from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers shows overall sales of both ag tractors and combines continue their growth above an already hot pace set in 2020.

Curt Blades is senior vice president of agriculture for AEM. He says U.S. total farm tractor sales climbed 2.5 percent in September compared to 2020, while U.S. self-propelled combine sales jumped 34.6 percent, the third month in a row of growth near or above 20 percent for harvesters.

“The 100 plus horsepower tractor market, or the traditional row crop tractor, is actually up 23 percent year over year for September,” said Blades. “That’s 26 percent year to date for 100 plus horsepower tractors. That’s positive news to show.”

The sub-40 horsepower stayed moderately positive, growing 0.4 percent, while the mid-size 41-100 horsepower segment was up 2.4 percent. For Canada, September monthly tractor and combine sales were mostly positive as well, with both ag tractors and combines finishing the month in the black.

Blades says continued growth in ag tractor and combine sales is good news for the ag equipment industry.

“We’ve seen growth going back to March of last year where we started to see significant growth in the under 40 horsepower market,” said Blades. “It’s a good indication of the optimism that farmers are feeling. I think it’s a good indication of where ag is going in general.”

More information can be found on AEM’s website.