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AEM conducts semiconductor survey (Part 1)

AEM's Kip Eideberg talks IARN 7-29-22

With the House Passage of the Semiconductor Act last Thursday, we are going to be clearing the way for more semiconductor production in the United States. This has been a need that was highlighted during the pandemic and the ensuing supply chain disruptions. Semiconductors are essential for vehicles, equipment, robots, and many other things we have come to rely on. So far, we have been relying heavily on China for those components.

AUDIO: Profit Matters 8-1-22

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers conducted a recent survey of manufacturers about the importance of breaking away from our reliance on China for these components. Kip Eideberg is the Senior Vice President of Government & Industry Relations for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. He talks about their recent survey.

Each component in any machine is important and missing any one of them becomes a problem.

Eideberg says this win goes beyond just what it can do for companies, but what can be done for America as a whole.

Eideberg talked about the rare occasion we saw bipartisan support for a bill like this.

We will talk about what happens next, tomorrow.