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acreFLEX helps farmers optimize profit margins

Photo by Anna Hastert

An agricultural company is helping farmers increase profit margins, by challenging an old industry technique.

AUDIO: Ryan Myers, U.S. Corn Category Lead for Pioneer

Ryan Myers, U.S. Corn Category Lead for Pioneer®, discusses the research and development conducted in-house within the past few years.

“Just like a farmer looks at their operation (and) has to make adjustments, we felt like we had to take a look at what we’re doing as a company too and see what we can do to help them out and meet those needs. We dug into our germ plasm line, looked at our testing and the things we can do to help farmers improve their financial situation,” Myers said. “We’ve brought forward what we think is a fantastic lineup that offers (a) good yield opportunity at lower seeding rates.”

Pioneer® then engineered the acreFLEX lineup. Myers explains the seed corn offering centers around improving farmer’s return on investment (ROI) by maintaining topend yields, while reducing populations.

Photo by Anna Hastert

“If you look at our criteria, these products have a five rating, as far as ear flex goes. They have an optimum economic seeding rate 10-percent below the rest of the Pioneer® lineup, within their maturity. They also possess a two bushel advantage versus all competitors, plus or minus three CRMs,” Myers said.

Myers shares how this lineup challenges what seed companies have been promoting for years.

Photo by Anna Hastert

“We’ve talked about higher populations for seventy, eighty years. In a lot of acres, that’s still the case. If we’re going to maximize yield and see how far we can take our yield potential, we have to put more seeds per acre out there” Myers said. “Somewhere between those top end yields and tough acres lives a home for what what we think is the ‘acreFLEX acre.'”

Pioneer® launched its acreFLEX lineup on August 1st.