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“A nitrogen product you receive full value from”

Photo courtesy of Pivot Bio

A new product proved its worth, following a challenging start to the 2019 crop season.

Pivot Bio released Pivot Bio PROVEN™ on a limited basis, ahead of the 2019 crop season. Mark Reisinger, senior director of commercial operations, says the product, which acts as an inoculant for corn, sold out in 60 days. Reisinger speaks to the “hype” surrounding this product.

“What this is is a microbe, which sits on the epidermis of the root of a corn plant and produces nitrogen, or ammonia, which converts to ammonium, on a daily basis. And it’s readily available for the plant,” Reisinger said. 

And the wet spring was a testament to the products efficiency.

“With all of the moisture we had at the beginning of the year, this product has been able to demonstrate what it does best…it doesn’t leach. The microbe binds to the root through an exchange of proteins. Thus, it doesn’t wash away,” Reisinger said. 

Product performance measures indicate a seven bushel advantage under all types of environments. Additionally, data shows a 17 bushel advantage in areas where high leaching occurs, as well as in light soils.

Reisinger offers his excitement for the upcoming crop season, in sharing Pivot Bio has increased its agronomic and research footprint across the Corn Belt, and expanded its independent sales representative base, reaching more locations than before.

“In addition to everything else – For those first timers, who are unsure, we’re coming out with a satisfaction guarantee. Buy 500 acres or more, and we’re going to allow you to run two protocols. If you don’t see what we’re talking about, in the context of our data, we’ll give you your purchase price,” Reisinger said.

For more information on Pivot Bio PROVEN™, visit pivotbio.com