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A look inside Ram’s Agriculture Dealerships

Photo courtesy of Ram Trucks

Many can recall the God Made A Farmer commercial, which aired during Super Bowl XLVII. 

The advertisement, paid for by RAM® Trucks, did more than pay homage to America’s farmers.

It also set the Ram Agriculture Dealership program in motion. Pat Driscoll, head of the Ram Agriculture Dealership program, speaks to the program’s inception.  

“I think everybody remembers the ‘God Made A Farmer’ commercial from six years ago. That was the impetus for the beginning of this program. We now have a network of 300 dealers across the country that are specialty dealers in working with farm and ranch customers,” Driscoll said. 

The program helps connects farm and ranch customers to trained sales professionals.

“We created a training to help dealerships understand who the farm customer is, (as well as) what their business model is, what motivates them and drives their decision making process, and how they can integrate as a farm supplier into the farm operation. We require at least one from sales, parts and service to go through that training, so no matter where the farm customer touches the store, they have to go through a farm person,” Driscoll said.

Ram Agriculture Dealerships also provide exclusive offers, such as Ram AGPack.

“When you do business with one of these agriculture specialty stores, they offer what’s called Ram AGPack. This amazing group of agribusinesses have come together, as partners in this program, and put extra value on the truck for the farm and ranch customer,” Driscoll said.

Such collaborations offer customers financing specific to their farm operation and savings.

“We have a relationship with Ag Direct, (powered by) Farm Credit, so a farmer can finance that truck through the dealership with Ag Direct. They can have payments on that truck match the farm’s income cycle. In the fruit business, you have quarterly payments because we get paid quarterly for fruit. A lot of times the beef guys like semi-annual payments, to pay out of the calf crop. Corn/soybean growers typically like those annual payments.”

Other companies have chose to pair their products with RAM® trucks. The special package saved the average farmer $8,900 in operating expenses last year alone.