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860 AM/95.1 FM KWPC

Location: Muscatine, Iowa                                         General Manager: Jamie Hopkins

KWPC signed on as the Voice of Muscatine in 1946 from a farmhouse on the edge of town. Cows grazed the field where the antenna was located. The Voice of Muscatine operates out of the same farmhouse today.

The farmhouse has been transformed into a start-of-the-art facility, as tradition is importation to the station. A portrait of George J. Volger, the original owner of KWPC, hangs in the station’s lobby. Guests can also see the original FCC license, as well as tubes from the original broadcast transmitter. The Voice of Muscatine continues to believe in the core values, installed at the station in 1946, to broadcast live and local.

Community Involvement: The Voice of Muscatine is obligated to make a continuing, diligent effort to determine the significant problems and needs of its service area, and meets those problems and needs in many ways.

The Voice of Muscatine (KWPC) is local news driven. The station features a 15-minute live, local segment at 8:15 a.m., Monday through Friday, featuring the movers and shakers of its community and service area.

In the wintertime, Voice of Muscatine (KWPC) announcers broadcast live from a semi-trailer at “Freezing for Food.” The announcers broadcast live until the truck is full of non-perishable food items. All items are then delivered to the Salvation Army and local food pantries.

At Christmas, the Voice of Muscatine holds a toy drive. Once again, Voice of Muscatine (KWPC) announcers broadcast live from a semi-trailer until the truck is full of toys for children, children who would not normally receive gifts or toys during the holiday season. These items, like the items collected during “Freezing for Food,” are donated to the Salvation Army.

There are countless other events the Voice of Muscatine broadcasts live from, as well as promotes, that further enrich the local community.

Photo Courtesy of Voice of Muscatine



Website: www.voiceofmuscatine.com

Format: Classic Country/Local Talk/Local Sports/Ag




Key Personnel:

General Manager: Jamie Hopkins

Program Director: Tony Tone

Morning Show Host: Joel Kraushaar

Operations Manager/Chief Engineer/Air Talent: Tim Scott