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2019 weather poses weed control concerns in 2020

Photo Courtesy of FMC

We aren’t even to harvest in 2019 yet, and we are already making plans for 2020. This is not a new concept in farming from year-to-year. However, the difference, this year, is the challenges 2019 has brought us in the fields. This will mean bigger challenges for the 2020 growing year unless you have a solid plan in place.

Audio: Full interview with FMC’s Gail Stratman

Gail Stratman is a Technical Support Lead with FMC. We talk about the challenges posed by so many acres of either prevent plant or drowned out spots. The biggest challenges these will cause us in 2020 is concerning weed control.

Stratman says doing what you’ve always done just isn’t going to cut it between this fall and next spring.

To see the products FMC has available for you to control your 2019 weeds in the 2020 growing season, check out their website.