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2019 presented new problems and perplexed us with old ones

Photo Courtesy of FMC

Challenges are nothing new in agriculture. Every year we face some of the same challenges we have faced in previous years, and we also come face to face with new issues as well. All the weather and trade aside, we faced some problems that we have been watching for years. That isn’t to say the unique year of 2019 didn’t present us with some new things to think about.

Earlier we talked with Brandon Schrage of FMC. We discussed the disease pressures that we saw in 2019. Those were some of the old problems that just gave us a different pattern. However, a problem that Schrage says has been growing over the past several years in the corn belt is resistance to BT traited corn.

Schrage says with FMC’s 3Rive 3D system, they can deliver the rootworm protection you need and allow you to cut the costs of expensive traits that aren’t doing the job.

Weeds control might just be the challenge of 2020, especially when you are looking at the amount of prevent plant acres we saw. An increase of acres that weren’t treated can pose a problem with weed control next spring. Schrage says producers better be prepared to be aggressive against weeds.

When you are getting ready for 2020, have a strong plan in place. FMC is ready and willing to help you implement your plans and get you the best results possible in the year ahead. To find out more about the products and services FMC has to offer your operation, check out their website.