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2018’s late harvest affecting 2019 seed sales

Photo Courtesy of Champion Seed

As we are beginning February of 2019, it is hard to fathom the fact that 2018 is still influencing this spring planting season. This is the case, as there are some fields waiting to be harvested. This, of course, is an exception rather than a rule, but it still is affecting producers. This, in turn, is affecting some agribusinesses like the seed industry.

By now, farmers are locked in with their seed inputs. Many times, this is already done right after the fall harvest has finished. Rob Voss from Champion Seed says this past growing season has caused some challenges for many seed salesmen.

Voss says the overall perspective is still positive. He says seed salespeople are hopeful the reopening of the government and a positive end to trade wars will be helpful.

Voss says while 2018 was a bugger of a year, nobody is hitting the panic button. Producers seem to know this was a fluke year, and they aren’t making drastic changes for 2019.

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