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2017 Iowa Youth Institute Nominations

The World Food Prize Foundation invites all educators, business professionals, community and state leaders to nominate students for the 2017 Iowa Youth Institute (IYI).

 IYI is a daylong event held on Monday April 24, at Iowa State University (ISU). Students in grades 8th to 12th have the chance to focus on food security issues.

This annual event partners with ISU, and encourages students to find sustainable solutions to fight hunger and poverty, using innovative tools in technology, science, research, policy, and education.

Madison Forbes from Lone Tree High School said, “IYI allows students to feel what it’s actually like to make a difference. It helps students grow through break-out sessions and opportunities to build lasting relationships.”

All students who participate receive a $500 Scholarship to Iowa State University College of Agriculture & Life Sciences.

“IYI gave me a better understanding of world issues, strengthened my networking skills, and allowed me to find new passions and purpose in life,” Forbes said.

To participate in the Iowa Youth Institute, students simply write a 3 to 5 page paper about an area of the world, what’s happening in the area of the world, and a solution to that problem.

Students that complete the paper and attend the day long event get to engage with research and industry experts, state and community leaders, and members of the NGO community.

Students also participate, with teachers, in interactive activities on ISU’s campus to explore research and work currently taking place in Iowa to address global challenges.

The top students, advance to the Global Youth Institute. Which, can lead to a paid fellowship with the USDA.

Deadline to submit registration materials is March 27th, 2017.

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