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Iowa Corn offers crop fairs across state

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Iowa Corn begins the new year offering a number of crop fairs across the state. Don Mason with Iowa Corn Growers Association says they’ve been putting on these fairs for a number of years.

“These are very much a regional thing. We work with partners across the state. They may be elevators, insurance companies, banks, seed companies, or Iowa State University Extension. We work with a partner to develop a program that is important to the area we are in.”

The first crop fair begins at 9:00am Friday at Comfort Inn and Suites in Burlington.

“In Burlington we have weather on the agenda. We have Climatologist Dr. Elwynn Taylor who is going to give his predictions for the summer including weather patterns. We also have Darren Mueller who is an ISU Extention talking about crop plant pathology issues and we also have Chad Hart, Associate Professor of Economics at ISU will talk about markets,” Mason says.

Mason says most of the topics are timely.

“Our speakers are presenting the most recent information on the topic they are giving. We found that beginning farmers and season veterans can gain a lot from the these sessions.”

Again, the first crop fair will take place from 9:00am Friday until 1:00pm located at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Burlington. Call Pamela Moore at 319-837-6111 to register and you can find a complete list of crop fairs at IowaCorn.org.