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“Back to the fundamentals” of planting

An agronomist said it best, “We have one chance to get this crop in the ground right.” Having been said, let’s review the fundamentals of...

John Block: Debt is our biggest problem

Just where are we with USMCA?

Progress seen in negotiations with China

Funny Farm Friday - Season 2: Episode 19

Funny Farm Friday: Raining Cats and Ducks

Funny Farm Friday is back this week with lots of laughs and a brand new Anna!

Posted by Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network on Friday, February 15, 2019

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Trade headwinds blast markets upward

Grain markets started the day session (Thursday) off strong. We discuss what influenced grain markets Thursday, below. AUDIO: Brian Grossman, Zaner Ag Hedge Nearby corn, soybeans and...

Brazilian agriculture: Six days on the road

This week we are looking at Brazil’s farms and methods of transportation through the reporting of DTN’s Chris Clayton. Trucks are the centerpiece of Brazil’s...

2019 corn acres versus soybean acres

How many acres of United States cropland will be planted to corn this year? It is a simple question with a complicated answer. As...

Valent’s Fierce line is controlling water hemp

Water hemp can be a son of a gun. That’s probably the most delicate way of putting it. It has tested some of the...

Vietnam reports cases of African Swine Fever

A report on Swine Health Dot Org says the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture released a communication confirming that the African Swine Fever Virus has...

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