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Bullish rumors briefly raise bids

Grain market traders have been keeping a close eye out for developments on the global trade front, a couple rumors took them by surprise...

Funny Farm Friday - Season 2: Episode 3 ``The Grapes of Wrath``

Funny Farm Friday S2 Ep3: The Grapes of Wrath

*Ding Ding Ding* It's time for the Main Event! Who has the biggest mouth on the network? Anna or Dustin?

Posted by Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network on Friday, September 14, 2018

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Stabilizing nitrogen for better yield results

An agriculture specialty company is encouraging growers to plan ahead for the next growing season, as they enter fields this harvest season. The United States has witnessed an increased...

Small seed company going strong

We are ready to harvest, if only Mother Nature would end the rain for a month or so. I have recently become more sensitive to...

Pioneer proud of soybeans in odd weather year

This year provided no shortage of weather-related drama. We saw flooding and drought in Iowa alone. Troy Bauer of Pioneer recaps the challenges producers had...

Farm Bill delay looking possible as deadline approaches

The farm bill deadline at the end of the month could pass without a new farm bill or an extension. As the pace of...

Iowa farmer now in Colombia promoting US Pork and Beef

The United States and Colombia have had a free trade agreement since 2012. There has been and continues to be, growth in the pork...

Video of the Week: Andy Christensen, Growmark FS

Growmark FS at Farm Progress Show

Anna Christine Hastert talks with Andy Christensen, GROWMARK FS, LLC crop specialist for Garner, in north-central Iowa, at the 2018 Farm Progress Show. Christensen shares what he's seeing in farmer's fields, what products are working well for farmers, as well as touches on the FS system.

Posted by Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network on Thursday, August 30, 2018

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